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Celebrity Feet - Brian Wilson Brings Sneaker Heat to MLB

   Sometimes you find in places sneakerheads least expect it. Of course, it is easy to spot on a NBA court, but the guys in Major League Baseball are difficult to define. As if the projector was not quite clear on the World Champion San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson has just outed as a sneaker wearing nice shoes during the season. He first attracted attention when he debuted a pair of bright orange Nike baseball cleats during the game MLB All-Star and was fined by the league to wear during a game against the Florida Marlins. He followed with a sweet pair of Nike Air Max 90, which includes a color graphic Hufquake orange / black with "Sandman" iD'ed on the back of the fender. ...
by: 13/4/2011 11:56:49 PM

Supra Footwear – Fall 2010 Collection

   Supra has made a big splash a year ago, offering up another style of shoe every day to skate with the languages ​​and super high-cut ankle. The upcoming Fall 2010 collection is not too bad either, we'll have a look at the remaining colors of the collection of this great overview. Some of the usual suspects return ...
by: 13/4/2011 11:53:56 PM

Slash x Supra Skytop Super Bowl XLV

   Did you happen to see the show Super Bowl last night and think, "? Wait a second, Slash is rockin 'a pair of Supras Huge HD screens make it easy for fans to identify sneakers kicks later in of NBA games, just imagine how big the slash x Supra Skytop was also represented on the wall of Cowboy Stadium gigantic video! THE iconic rocker took the stage in Dallas alongside Fergie in a black and red leather with snakeskin Skytop eyelets are offset by the inner lining. Looks exactly th ...
by: 13/4/2011 11:53:02 PM